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About Ghost Of Eonar
Hello there and welcome to the Ghosts Of Eonar EU Draenor website.  We are a recently formed guild made up of current and former members of the EU realm Eonar.  Some of us have moved to Draenor from Eonar to expand our numbers for social and raiding purposes.  This guild is run by our GM Sythed/Shawnti who also leads all our raids.  We welcome new members who like to be part of a social atmosphere or others who would like to raid.  If you have never been raiding before or have a lack of experience do not let this worry you.  As much as we like to clear content we do it at our own pace and we like to enjoy it as we do so don't feel under pressure. 

We are all here to play World of Warcraft and to enjoy it so every aspect of it is to have fun.  That is the number one rule here!

Thanks for taking an interest in our guild :)

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